All memberships are month to month (no contract required) and provides athletes unlimited access to the full Back Home CrossFit schedule, including specialty classes and open gyms.


CrossFit:  CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity!  CrossFit is also "Universally Scalable" so regardless of your past athletic experience or current level of fitness,  we can customize our daily workout for you.  Give it a try, we're certain you'll love it!

KidFit:  Our KidFit program combines gymnastics, body-weight calisthenics, and weightlifting elements to develop your child’s general physical skills, with additional focus on elements that encourage bone density, balance and coordination. Our program will also have an emphasis on teamwork and nutrition. Our goal is to combine fitness and fun so that your child will develop a lifelong positive attitude towards fitness and nutrition. We desire to develop each child’s self-esteem and confidence to take on the world!

Gymnastics:  We also offer an introductory gymnastics program for kids age 3 - 8. This program will focus on teaching kids gymnastic fundamentals that will help them develop basic motor skills and functionality as it pertains to body movement.  


Back Home CrossFit 2019 Summer Schedule.

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